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Hello my Name is Abbie and I created this blog because I love to read. My favorite genres is romance.  When I got my Kindle in 2010 I started to look for books that I would enjoy reading. At the time I did not know a lot about authors etc. After reading a few books that where no way clean I started to research authors and books and found myself getting very frustrated and confused. I soon found out there was not a lot of blogs that reviewed what I was looking for(I know now there are but at the time I had a heck of a time finding them).  I finally found a group over at goodreads that helped me learn what authors I felt comfortable reading. I want to create a site where people looking for romance books can easily see how steamy they are as well as know the books I am reviewing are clean romance. I also want to create a list of clean authors and books.

My other passion has  become spreading the word about Christian Inspirational Fiction. Knowing that Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins is such a powerful message and so many of these books share that story. I feel this genre does not get enough spotlight and I hope to help as much as I can. I have been at book review blogging now for a year and feel I have a good start with this site but I still have a ways to go. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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  1. Delin Colón says:

    Abbie – Please download Free on Kindle (Today,Sept. 27 only), the faith/romance novel, “The Choice,” by T.O. Bolseen.

    I hope you like it and find it worthy of review. Here is a summary:
    In “The Choice”, I present to you a simple story of good and evil, angels and demons, love, self-sacrifice, and redemption through faith. After spending most of her life hospitalized and imprisoned in a twisted body, Sarah Bennett is given the divine gift, at the request of the angel Abraham, of six months to experience life in a functioning body. Her hospitalized body remains in a coma, in present day New York, while she is transported to the year 1900, in Austria. Angels Abraham and Ruth take human form as her guardians, and enjoy watching her relish life and discover love until an evil force tests her love and faith, and that of those around her.

  2. SMBSLT says:

    Good for you, I enjoy your blog 🙂

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