A Simple Prayer by Amy Clipston


A Simple Prayer by Amy Clipston

Published: 2015

Publisher: Zondervan 

Series: Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel(Book 4)

Goodreads Summary: Life has taken much from Linda Zook. Now she dares to hope for a chance at love and a new beginning.
Linda Zook, 32, works part-time at the Lancaster Grand Hotel. As the sole survivor of a buggy accident that left her orphaned at age four, she was raised by her unwilling Uncle Reuben. Linda longs to be worthy of someone, but the life-long effects of her injuries and her upbringing under the care of her embittered uncle have destroyed her self-worth.
Aaron Ebersol, 32, left the Amish community 17 years ago when he could no longer bear the restrictions or the constant tension with his father. He d written too many unanswered letters to his mother and found himself incapable of putting down any roots in his new home in Missouri. Success in work could not replace the family that denied Aaron, even after all of these years.
Aaron hastily returns to the Amish community of Paradise, PA, after receiving word of his mother’s stroke. Hesitant to get too close to the family he was once a part of, he decides to stay at the Heart of Paradise Bed & Breakfast. He soon encounters Linda, working there part-time, and they begin to develop a friendship.
Aaron s return allows him to reconnect with his family as he jumps into home improvement projects, hoping to make his parents house more accessible to his handicapped mother. But before long, he is enraged to learn that his brother, Solomon, had hidden all of Aaron s letters to their mother.
Linda and Aaron must each learn to forgive the family members who have deceived and forsaken them. And Aaron must also show Linda that she is worthy of his love.”

What I liked: This is book 4 of the series. Aaron has been mentioned in the earlier books so it seems fitting to end the series with his return. Both Aaron and Linda has some real issues to work through. Aaron had left his family and community after getting in trouble as a teen. His older brother was so upset with him that when Aaron returns his brother is not happy to see him. Aaron has to work through his frustration with his brother and his guilt of leaving. I thought it was well written.

     Linda lost her parents in an accident as a child and was raised by her aunt and uncle but after her aunt dies her uncle who never treated her great to start with became even more unpleasant.  Even with her hardships Linda remains strong.

     I liked how Linda and Aaron helped each other overcome the hurt they each had faced while also growing their relationship with God and each other. We also see Hannah and her daughter reconnect which helps to bring the series to a close.

What I didn’t like: This was an enjoyable book and nothing really bothered me.

     As the 4th book in the series I thought it did a good job  wrapping up the story. I was glad to see closer for Hannah and her daughter.

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     I enjoyed this series. The first book was my least favorite. I liked how all the characters intertwined throughout the books. The last book did a good job wrapping up the series. 

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this e-book from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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