A Woodland Miracle by Ruth Reid


A Woodland Miracle by Ruth Reid

Published: 2015

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Series: The Amish Wonder(Book 2)

Goodreads Summary: For a disadvantaged young woman and a displaced young man, a lasting love is going to take more than chance–it’s going to take a miracle.
Muscle weakness has left Grace Wagler with a broken body–and her childhood best friend has left her with a broken heart. She can hold her own in the timber camp (and do everything else the other women in Badger Creek can do), but in an Amish district where women outnumber men three to one, marriage is an unlikely prospect for a girl with bad legs.
Ben Eicher just arrived in Michigan from Pinecraft, Florida. When his most recent shenanigans proved too much for his “daed”‘s patience, Ben was sent to the Upper Peninsula to work in the lumber camp–and he’s neither proud of his behavior nor thrilled about his new home.
But when Ben meets Grace, the struggling young woman quickly piques his curiosity. Of course, the last thing Grace wants is another friendship with a man who pities her. Tired of physical pain and romantic dead ends, Grace is ready to leave Badger Creek for the muscle specialist in Ohio, even if it contradicts her father’s wishes . . . and Ben’s.
Meanwhile, two dangerous men have found their way into the district. It isn’t long before their unsavory plans ensnare Grace and Ben in a chase that will not only endanger their lives . . . but test their love.

What I liked: Both Ben and Grace are dealing with things in their life that people can relate to on some level. Ben fights the battle of following the rules and dealing with the consequences when he gets caught. Grace is dealing with some serious health issues which leaves her fearing she will never have a normal life. Grace wants nothing to do with Ben at first and Ben can’t help but find himself drawn to her. Both characters had to learn to have faith in God and each other. I also thought the ending was unique and had a more realistic feel.

What I didn’t like: I liked the overall plot but this story was somewhat slow at times. There was some good suspense and action in this book yet it lacked the excitement you would expect. I also thought the chemistry between Ben and Grace was not that great.

     I enjoyed this book but it just did not keep me as enticed as the first book of the series. Not a bad read overall. This book can easily be read as a stand alone.

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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