Gunpowder Tea by Margaret Brownley


Gunpowder Tea by Margaret Brownley

Published: 2013

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Series: The Brides Of Last Chance Ranch(Book 3)

Goodreads Summary: In a case that could change her career, Miranda uncovers a love that will change her life.
When Miranda Hunt sees the classified ad for an heiress to the legendary Last Chance Ranch, she knows assuming the identity of Annie Beckman is the perfect cover. As one of the finest agents for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, Miranda has been tasked with apprehending the Phantom – an elusive and notorious train robber thought to be hiding on the sprawling ranch.
But she isn’t the only one there with something to hide. Wells Fargo detective Jeremy Taggert is working the scene undercover as well. And although their true identities are a secret, it is impossible for Jeremy and Miranda to hide the spark that flares between them.
But neither is about to let romance interfere with such a huge case. Besides, Miranda hasn’t removed Jeremy from her list of suspects yet. The closer they come to uncovering the identity of the Phantom, the more dangerous he gets – and no one on the ranch is safe.
But neither are their hearts – the longer Miranda and Jeremy spends working together, the harder it becomes to keep their feelings in check. Their careers – and their lives – depend on solving this case. Love will have to wait.

     Miranda is a Pinkerton Detective and she has finally been given a case that she hopes will help her make a name for herself. She just has to find the leader of a gang while pretending to be interested in being the new heiress of a cattle ranch. She just has to win over the cranky old lady who runs it. What she did not expect was to find herself attracted to one of the ranch hands who has a questionable background.

     Jeremy is a Well’s Fargo detective hot on the trail of the same gang leader. He had not planned to ever go back into the field but he must try to find his friend and stop the gang leader in the process. Miranda seems to be around every corner and the more he is around her the more complicated his mission becomes. Can these two figure out they are after the same guy and find love at the same time?

    This was a very good book. It was a great mix of romance and suspense.

What I liked: I really liked all the characters in this book. Miranda was a strong female lead. I loved learning about her as a detective and a woman. Even as she started to fall for Jeremy she kept her wits about her and I liked that a lot. I also enjoyed Jeremy and how he liked Miranda for all her qualities. The supporting characters where also well written and make this book very enjoyable read.

What I did not like: There really was not much I did not like.

Overall this was a very enjoyable book. I really liked how the author explained a lot about the working of the detectives it make the book very interesting. I did not read the first two books in this series and this was easily a standalone book. I would suggest adding this to your reading list!

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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