An Angel by Her Side by Ruth Reid


An Angel by Her Side by Ruth Reid

Published: 2013

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Series: Heaven On Earth(Book 3)

Goodreads Summery: With the help of the angel Elias, one willful schoolteacher is about to learn a lesson in what it means to carry a cross for the person she loves.
Twenty-nine-year-old Katie Bender s dream of marriage ended when her fiancé died seven years ago. She s content as the Amish settlement s schoolteacher, that is, until a tornado destroys the schoolhouse and several of the area s farms. Supplies are low and the needs are great. Rebuilding the schoolhouse is a low priority. But Katie knows a lot about surviving tragedy and she simply won t accept that her days of teaching are over.
Seth Stutzman is a master builder who is in town to install beehives on his brother-in-law s property and to offer him healing and support following his wife s recent death. Beehives aren’t his passion, but they re his livelihood since making a fatal error while working on a neighbor s barn. Seth arrives just as a tornado is wreaking havoc on Hope Falls. In spite of his construction error, he finds it difficult to avoid joining the work crew.
Both have valid reasons for avoiding each other. But what God ordains is impossible to resist. Celestial influences change the course of their decisions as they gain the patience and grace toward community members and each other. Seth and Katie can no longer deny that the sparks flying between them just might be love.

     Katie still feels responsible for the death of her fiancé and does not plan to marry. She works as a teacher in her community and feels like she has found her calling. Yet a tornado destroys her school and leaves her wondering what she will do next. Seth just happened to be in the right place at the right time and helped Katie and the school children to safety during the storm. He is visiting his brother to help him and does not plan to stay in the area. Elias the angel is watching over them both and as love blossoms so does a new understanding of God.

     I have really enjoyed this series and this book lived up to my expectations. I really like how this book incorporates angels and evil spirits into the story. It  may not be realistic but its so well written you can’t help but imagine a angle whispering God’s messages into your ear.

What I liked: I really liked Katie and Seth. Both where dealing with past issues that required them to listen to God for guidance. I love the good vs. evil that went on in this book. Not a lot of Christian fiction will write of a different realm like this author does and I really enjoy it. I also liked how characters from the first two books pop up from time to time. I liked how the story also dealt with Seth’s brother and how he was lost and slowly with the help of his family and spiritual guidance he found his way back. Very well written.

What I did not like: As much as I liked this book I thought the angel might have gotten to involved in the lives of the characters in the book. There is only one thing that really bothered me and it had to do with the little girl but I also have to remember its fiction and not real.

     Over all this was a great book and I really enjoyed it. Both Katie and Seth had to let go and let God and it’s a good lesson for all of us. Adding the angel into the story made it interesting. I highly recommend this book.

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     I really liked this series. I admit I have always been fascinated with the supernatural and enjoy reading books on the subject so to have a Christian romance(Amish fiction too!) do that was extra neat for me. All three books where well written and I liked how previous characters are in each book with out over shadowing the new story. I thought how the good vs. evil was incorporated into each book was well thought out and flowed very nicely. If you’re a fan of Amish fiction and like some supernatural story lines this is a great series! Each book can be read alone if you don’t want to read all three.

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.


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