Anna’s Gift by Emma Miller


Anna’s Gift by Emma Miller

Published: 2011

Publisher: Love Inspired

Series: Hannah’s Daughters(Book 3)

Goodreads Summery:No one in Seven Poplars, Delaware, expects Anna Yoder ever to marry. Among her six pretty, petite sisters, big and plain Anna feels like a plow horse. But then Samuel Mast, the handsome widowed father she has secretly loved for years, asks if he can court her. Surely Anna has misheard—Samuel has his pick of lovely brides! She’s convinced he seeks a wife only as a mother for his five children. Or could a man like Samuel actually have a very romantic reason for wanting Anna by his side forever?

     Anna is just 21 and able to marry yet she feels she is fat and figures no one will ever want to marry her. She secretly has a crush on the the widowed neighbor named Samuel. Anna thinks he is going to court her mom(he is 16 years older then Anna). So she is shocked when he asks to court her!

     Samuel has been a widow for 4 years and is ready to find a new wife. Even though Anna is only 21 and he 36 he can’t help but be drawn to her. Will he be able to convince Anna he loves her and does not just want her as a caregiver for his children?

     This book was well written and I enjoyed reading it but the subject of Anna hit a little to close to home. I am over weight myself and it really bothered me how the people in this book treated Anna. Considering how excepting the Amish are they came across as mean and down right nasty in this book at times. I have read other books about “Plain” Amish girls but this one was the worst in my option. I was glad that Samuel saw Anna for the wonderful girl she was. I admit the huge age difference between the two felt weird at times in this book. I liked both characters and the writer did a good job of exploring the difficulties that would come from such a big difference in age.  

    Over all this was a good book. I hope to go back and read the first two books as well. I really liked the writing style and also how well developed the characters where.

Book Rating

Steamy rating

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.


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3 Responses to Anna’s Gift by Emma Miller

  1. Rachel Ropper says:

    I really enjoyed this book too, Emma Miller’s novels are definitely a cut above the usual Love Inspired novels. Have you read the others in the series? I think Courting Ruth is even better than this one. Also, I gave you the Liebster Blog Award over on my blog!

  2. Abbie says:

    No I have not read the other two but I plan too. I agree I think there is a lot more character development in this book then some of the other Love Inspired I have read. Thanks for the award that is really nice! 🙂

  3. Brenda/WV Stitcher says:

    Great review, I really want to read this one.

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