The Baby’s Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton


The Baby’s Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton


Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense

Series: Emerald Coast 911

Goodreads Summery:When an anonymous text message arrives with photos of tiny hands and feet—and GPS coordinates—Florida cop Ethan Clark believes it’s a prank. Then he follows the coordinates to an abandoned toddler. Handing Janie Doe over to caring child services worker Kelsey Rogers, Ethan thinks his job is done…until the little girl turns out to be a kidnap victim. To protect the child, Ethan and Kelsey stumble into an investigation that digs up a tragedy from Ethan’s past. Will they uncover the truth before the kidnappers bury the trail forever?

     Ethan once worked as an undercover FBI agent till a horrible tragedy took the life of his wife and young son. Now he works as a cop in Florida.  He finds a young girl and finds himself working with Kelsey who works with child services. Kelsey is working hard to help children and finds herself attached to both the little girl and the cop who found her. Soon some news comes that maybe Ethan’s young son did not die with his wife and he and Kelsey find themselves on a dangerous time limited hunt to found out the truth! Will these two find true love as well?

     This book was okay. I like Love Inspired a lot they where some of the first Christian romance books I read. These books tend to be a little shorter in length and can be perfect for a quick read or to keep in the car. This book opens with a horrific crime one that made me almost not want to go on it was so cruel. Because of what happened I felt horrible for the main character Ethan. I don’t feel I really got to know him that well but his pain was so deep that was pretty much the focus. His family made comments about him pulling away etc. He lost his wife and son because of the job he did of course he was devastated! I like Kelsey okay but again I felt we only got to know her skin deep. We learned a little about her growing up and her parents deaths. She falls head over heals in love with the baby girl she is watching and I wondered if it was realistic for her to have the baby full time and not a foster parent.

     I really enjoyed the story line. It was a good suspense story and I felt it was told well. If you want a quick read this is a good book for that.

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.




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