The Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray


The Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray


Publisher: Harper Collins

Series: Families of Honor(Book 2)

Goodreads Summery: When Ella’s father passes away, she’s forced to auction most of his belongings, including her family’s land. Though she knows she couldn’t manage the fifty acres on her own, she can’t stop the bitterness she feels toward the new owner, Loyal Weaver. Remodeling and repairing the Troyer’s old farmhouse, he intends to make the farm profitable–as Ella had once dreamed of doing.
Protective of Ella’s bruised feelings, Loyal asks her for help and advice for the home he’s fixing up–the home that he secretly hopes will be hers again, as his wife.
But the one thing Ella guards against all else is her heart. Always the wallflower, she’s used duty to mask her loneliness. Now, though, she can’t deny the feelings she holds for Loyal and the happiness he promises. On her own for the first time, will she find the courage to risk everything to get the love she’s always wanted?

Book two of this series opens with Ella selling her farm. Now that her mother is dead she can not keep it up and must sell. She is planning to move into a townhouse next to her friend Dorothy. She is also planning on working at the library which is something she has always wanted to do. Loyal is Calvin’s brother. He has been saving to buy a farm of his own for a while and is the one who ends up buying Ella’s farm. Even though he knows she had to sell he still feels bad that it had to happen and soon finds himself trying to befriend Ella and asking her for advice about how to remodel the farmhouse. He soon finds himself caring for Ella. Ella is enjoying working at the library but her friend Dorothy is making her uncomfortable because she is entering her house with out asking(Dorothy is her landlord as well) as well as expecting her to always do things with her. Ella soon confides in Loyal about her. Ella soon wonders if Loyal could ever care for someone as plan as her. Will these two fall in love or with Dorothy put a wedge between them?

I enjoyed this book a lot. I found myself really liking the main characters. Ella is a sweet girl who has been a wall flower all her life and now with her mother gone she wants to start living her life but Dorothy threatens to stop her from doing what she wants. Loyal has bought a farm and is trying to set himself a part from his bothers. He loves his family but wants a farm of his own. As he works to make that dream come true he also finds himself falling for Ella. Also we continue to follow Mattie and she battles cancer and her feeling for her best friend Graham. I will say I found myself wanting to read Mattie and Graham’s story a lot as this book went on. I think staring the 3rd book way back in the 1st book can at times over shadow the 2nd book and it did a little in this one but the depth of the characters in this book is great and I will be sad when the series ends but I am also eagerly awaiting the fall release of the 3rd book.

Over all this is a great read and I am loving this series. I highly recommend you go back and read The Caregiver before this book since the books intertwine heavily. A must read for Amish Fiction!

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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