Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long

Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long
Goodreads Summery: Deep in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, shy Sarah King is happiest when working in her vibrant Amish kitchen garden, but new family responsibilities lead her into the confusing world of the Englisch. Sarah finds her life turned around when she encounters the community’s new Englisch veterinarian, Grant Williams. His blue-gold eyes and his obvious concern for her people attract her immediately. Sarah seeks solace and direction from the Lord as she creates a quilt pattern which details her struggle between two worlds. The Lord is guiding Sarah to follow His will, but will she listen?
Sarah is a young Amish woman who has not found herself yet. She is shy and loves to spend hours in her garden growing her vegetables. Now that her older sister is married she is taking over running the road side stand which puts her out of her element. On her first day at the stand she meets Grant the new Englisch vet. There is an immediate connection but such a relationship is forbidden. Will Sarah give up all she knows for true love or will Grant find himself by becoming Amish? You will have to read this book to find out!!
I really liked this book. I admit I love a romance book where there is a bit of a block in the road for the couple. I found myself holding my breath wondering how it was going to turn out. I read this book with an online book club and some of the other members questioned the relationship between the two. I guess I found it so fun to read because I liked how true love was crossing a line. Over all a great book and I can’t wait for the next one in the series.

Lilly’s Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long due out March 29th 2011!!

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